Manual Pressure Sprayer

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Available in four varying sizes, this range of manually operated pressure sprayers are the ideal way to evenly spread a mulitude of liquid based fluids. Each bottle is clearly marked with both gallon and litre markings to allow for easy measuring when filling and mixing water based products into the sprayer. The bottle itself also clearly displays the instructions for safe use. Finished with an adjustable nozzle, shoulder strap for carrying the product and a pressure release valve.

Features and Benefits
• Available with either a 2, 5 or 8 litre capacity to allow you to find the product that best suits your requirements
• Easy pump action ensures minimum effort on the part of the user
• Adjustable brass nozzle allows you to select the intensity of the spray
• Press release safety valve to safely release pressure from the bottle
• Full operating instructions are printed on the bottle to ensure safe use and protect both the product and user

Typical Applications
• Ideal for use when applying water based fluids such as fertiliser, cleaning sprays, insecticides or pesticides

Feature Attributes

Protection Features:
Pressure Release Valve
Sprayer Features:
Adjustable Nozzle
Tank Material:
White Plastic
Pressure Sprayer
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