1949 13.2L Industrial FKM Seal Sprayer
Order Code: ZT3110230S

£169.99 Inc VAT (20%)


The heavy-duty industrial FKM concrete seal sprayer from Metex® delivers a high-quality and durable product. Boasting reinforced seals and gaskets, a heavy-duty pump system and reinforced hose, this concrete sprayer can be relied upon for a wide range of industrial spraying applications.

Features and Benefits
• Tri-Lock seals the pump to prevent leaks and spills
• 1200mm reinforced hose for industrial applications
• Wide spray nozzle for maximum spread during application
• Durable brass pump delivers a long service life
• No mess dripless shut-off and lock

Typical Applications
• Spraying curing agents
• Spraying pattern imprinted concrete sealer

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