Epoxy Repair Mortar

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Available in two sizes, this heavy duty epoxy repair mortar is designed for repairing damaged concrete. With a dry time of 6-12 hours, the material dries in a grey colour to match most concrete. Even over time, the product stands up to heavy foot traffic and many chemicals.

Features and Benefits
• Can be used on interiors and exteriors alike
• Does not shrink or crack even over time for an accurate finish
• Stands up to heavy duty foot traffic and most commonly used chemicals
• Easy to re coat if necessary

Typical Applications
• Concrete Repairs
• Patching Stairs and Pavement

Feature Attributes

Product Type:
Epoxy Repair Mortar
Fast Curing and Virtually Indestructible,Provides a Permanent Repair to Badly Cracked and Worn Concrete and Stone Floors,it will Fill Holes of Any Shape or Size, Gaps, Nosings, Cracks,Epoxy Bonding Power,May be Feather Edged,Unequalled Hardness
Drying Time:
6 - 12 Hrs
Container Type:

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