Plastic Steel Putty (A)

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To be cured at room temperature and used as a steel filler, this grey plastic steel putty allows you to efficiently plug cracks or breakages where you would not be able to repair them by brazing or soldering. With the ability to bond to metals, concrete, and some plastics, it's a versatile product. It's also resistant to rust, oil, petrol, water and chemicals and is machinable. Available in two varying sizes to suit your needs and possesses a mix ratio of 2.5:1.

Features and Benefits
• Resistant to a host of materials including rust, oil, petrol, water and chemicals making it a robust product
• Available in two sizes depending on your needs
• Can be tapped, machined, drilled or painted once dry to suit your requirements
• Is an ideal way to repair and patch up areas that would not be able to be repaired using brazing or welding

Typical Applications
• Ideal for use in production, maintenance and many tooling applications where welding or brazing wouldn't be possible or beneficial
• Can be bonded to most metals and concrete as well as some plastics

Feature Attributes

Bonds to Most Materials with a Tough Finish,Excellent Resistance to Oil, Petrol, Water and Many Other Chemicals
Compressive Strength:
For Use On:
Product Type:
Plastic Steel Putty (A)
Operating Temperature Range:
121 °
Drying Time:
45 Minutes
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