Plasticine Bars

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Pliable and fully reusable, this non-drying Plasticine is an oil-based, non-hardening compound. Available in five attractive colours, this range of 500 gram, layered bar plasticine is smooth and does not stick to the hands and fingers, unless it is very warm, making it suitable for a variety of applications. The four strand layers create an easy and accessible way to choose the right amount of plasticine at a time and keep your material orderly. All products are wheat, gluten and sulphur free.

Features and Benefits
• Non-sticking material for ease of manipulating with your hands without creating a mess
• Layered strand texture makes it easy to remove only your desired amount of plasticine, keeping the rest tidy
• Non-drying material making it reusable and ideal for temporary modelling purposes
• Available in five attractive colours to suit your needs and preferences

Typical Applications
• Ideal for a variety of uses including mould and model making

Feature Attributes

Product Type:
For Use On:
Modelling / Arts & Crafts,Educational Activities
500 g

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