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Shop materials and maintenance at Zoro. Here, you'll find materials with a range of applications such as plasticine and shim steel, as well as hardware and metalwork such as ropes, hooks, and hinges. You'll also find all our maintenance and repair products for roofs, floors, and much more, such as threading inserts, self-levelling compounds, and metal putty.

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Maintenance & Outdoor

Our materials and maintenance range is full of products that you use every day, often without realising it. They're integral for maintaining the health of your workplace and keeping your storage cupboard fully stocked, and with all of our product ranges offering excellent value for money, you can keep your supply topped up for less. To find what you need, simply search or use our handy filters to narrow down our diverse range. You can filter by product type, material, quantity, and even more useful features. We have products from top industry brands and trusted manufacturers for you to choose from, so why not have a look? Buy maintenance supplies and materials at Zoro today.

Maintenance & Outdoor

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