Wash & Wax Waterless Cleaning 750ml TWX53143
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Turtle Wax Wash & Wax Waterless Cleaning is a 1-step formula that allows you to wash exteriors without water and a bucket anytime, even in direct sunlight. Hybrid polymer technology encapsulates dirt and grime for a scratch-free clean. The water-repellent formula will help water and rain roll off to keep the exterior clean. Fused with proprietary waxes for a shiny, protective finish with no spots or streaking. How to use - If vehicle has caked on mud or soil rinse with a hose first. Use product to spot clean and remove stains and stubborn soils with a microfibre cloth. - Then clean one section at a time, starting with the upper exterior surfaces and exterior glass first. - Remove with a clean, dry microfibre cloth. Repeat process for entire vehicle making sure to cover all paint, wheels and trim.

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