24PLUS Ceramic Coating 30ml 30ml
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ValetPRO 24PLUS Ceramic Coatinghas been developed for its ease of use without compromising durability. 24Plus Ceramic Coating offers in excess of 2 years protection when subject to safewash processes. 24Plus has been specially formulated to offerslower flash times which drastically reduces the potentialfor leaving high spots duringapplication.

Invert the coating bottle 3 times before opening
Wrap an applicator suede around the applicator block
Evenly apply a few drops of the coating on to the suede
Spread the coating evenly across 40cm x 40cm of a panel at a time
Buff the coating as it flashes before applying to next section (flash timewithin 1 to 3 minutes dependent on application temperature)
Once the whole vehicle has been coated allow the coating to cure in acontrolled indoor environment for at least 12 hours before driving

Please note: ValetPRO 24Plus Ceramic Coating offers 24+ months of protection when pH neutral safe wash routines are adhered to. 24Plus is to be stored in a cool dry place. Once open, 24Plus is to be used within 30 days.
Precautions: Do not apply in direct sunlight or if the vehicles surface is hot. Gloves and respiratory protection should be worn. Do not re-use applicator suedes or cloths used to buff the coating.

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Specifications for 24PLUS Ceramic Coating 30ml 30ml
  • Product Type
    Vehicle Valeting
  • Size
    30 mL
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