Information Security Policy

This Information Security (IS) Policy is our high-level policy that describes how Zoro UK manages, protects and distributes information.

Top management at Zoro UK has considered its external and internal issues and the requirements of relevant interested parties to determine our scope of approval. Zoro have established, implemented and will maintain this IS policy to demonstrate leadership and commitment to satisfy applicable requirements related to IS within the overall ZIMS (Zoro Integrated Management System), by:

a) Ensuring that this IS policy, topic-specific policies and related IS objectives are established, reviewed for continual improvement and are appropriate to the strategic direction and purpose of the organisation. Objectives and KPI’s are set annually and monitored throughout the year and reviewed at Leadership Team meetings.

b) Ensuring that IS applicable requirements inc. regulation, legislation, contractual, the control of current and projected risks/threats and lessons learned from IS events and incidents are integrated into the organization’s business processes.

c) Ensuring that the resources needed to establish, implement, maintain, and improve the IS management system are available, responsibilities are assigned, and roles defined.

d) Communicating the importance of effective IS management and of conforming to the IS management system requirements.

e) Ensuring that the IS management system achieves its intended outcome(s).

f) Directing and supporting persons to contribute to the effectiveness of the IS management system.

g) Ensuring and promoting continual improvement.

h) Supporting other relevant management roles to demonstrate their leadership as it applies to their areas of responsibility.

The Managing Director ensures that this IS policy is relevant and appropriate, is available as documented information, is available to interested parties (on website or on request) and is communicated within the company.

Please see our 27001:2022 Certificate of Registration here

Our mission is: "Keeping your business running efficiently".

Chief Information Officer: Shirish Tiwari

Managing Director: Marcus Nelson

Last Updated: 21st September 2023
Version: 1.4